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Symetrix Zone Mix 761 Adds ARC-WEB Smartphone User Control

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Symetrix announces the release of the Zone Mix 761, which adds ARC-WEB compatibility to the feature set formerly found in the predecessor Zone Mix 760.

ARC-WEB allows integrators to build customized interfaces that operate on users’ smartphones or Internet-connected computers.

In addition to ARC-WEB compatibility, the Zone Mix 761 has a modernized aesthetic similar to that of Symetrix Jupiter Series and includes a new collection of logic outputs on the rear panel.

“The Zone Mix 761 steps into the shoes of the 760, which has been among our most popular products,” said Trent Wagner, senior product manager at Symetrix. “With twelve inputs and six outputs, it excels at three of the most commonly-required functions in small- to mid-sized installations: paging with automatic ducking; flexible routing and mixing; and comprehensive processing at the input and the output.

“The Zone Mix 761 carries on the tradition of ease-of-use, full feature set, and very competitive price point that have earned the Zone Mix 760 a place in restaurants, bars, and hotels the world over. The Zone Mix 761 does everything the 760 did so well – and more.”

“Our ARC-WEB technology is a cost-effective way to provide users with customized control of their sound systems from their smartphones or computers,” adds Paul Roberts, VP of sales & marketing at Symetrix. “It’s exciting to take one of our most popular products and make it even better with the inclusion of this ARC-WEB technology.

“We think the form, function, features, and quality of the Zone Mix 761 make it a uniquely powerful choice for integrators and consultants with zone mix applications. Its low price-point amplifies that statement.”


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